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 Various kinds of publications about e3value .

Using the menu bar, you can find here popular publications on e3value as well as academic-style publications. Must reads you can find below:

Popular publications

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@InBook{VBIC2009, AUTHOR = {Kartseva, Vera and Gordijn, Jaap and Tan, Yao-Hua}, TITLE = {Designing Value-based Inter-organizational Controls Using Patterns}, YEAR = {2009}, BOOKTITLE = {Design Requirements Engineering: A Ten-Year Perspective}, VOLUME = {14}, EDITOR = {Lyytinen, Kalle and Loucopoulos, Peri and Mylopoulos, John and Robinson, Bill}, SERIES = {LNBIP}, PUBLISHER = {Springer Verlag}, PDF = {http://e3value.few.vu.nl/docs/bibtex/pdf/GordijnBookChapterRE.pdf}, ABSTRACT = {Networked organizations, consisting of enterprises who exchange things of economic value with each other, often have participants who commit a fraud or perform other actions, not agreed in a contract. To explore such opportunistic behavior, and to design solutions to mitigate it, we propose the e3control approach. This approach takes the valuable objects, which are exchanged between enterprises, as a point of departure, and proposes a control patterns library to find solutions for various types of opportunistic behavior in network organizations. The practical use of the patterns is illustrated by a case study in the field of renewable electricity supply in UK.}, KEYWORDS = {E3control, E3valuePop, Selected, Top} }
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Jaap Gordijn, Eric Yu and Bas Raadt, van der. E-Service Design Using i* and e3value Modeling. In IEEE Software, Vol. 23(3):26-33, May 2006. URL Abstract
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Hans Akkermans, Ziv Baida and Jaap Gordijn. Value Webs: Ontology-Based Bundling of Real-World Services. In IEEE Intelligent Systems, Vol. 19(44):23-32, July 2004. URL Abstract
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Jaap Gordijn and Hans Akkermans. E3-value: Design and Evaluation of e-Business Models. In IEEE Intelligent Systems, Vol. 16(4):11-17, 2001. URL Abstract
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Discusses e3value in detail

Jaap Gordijn and Hans Akkermans. Value based requirements engineering: Exploring innovative e-commerce idea. In Requirements Engineering Journal, Vol. 8(2):114-134, 2003. URL PDF Abstract
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The real stuff

Jaap Gordijn. Value-based requirements Engineering: Exploring innovatie e-commerce ideas. PhD thesis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2002. PDF
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